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Head : 8,0
Neck-Withers-Shoulders: 8,0
  Long   Convex lower neckline 
Back and Croup: 7,5
  Supple back   Forward sloping back  
  Mjótt bak
Proportions : 8,5
  Light built   Long legs  
Legs (quality): 9,0
  Strong tendons   Abundant feathers         Dry tendons  
Legs (joints): 7,0
  Comments on hindlegs: Narrow  
  Comments on frontlegs: Útskeifir  
Hooves: 8,0
  Strong heels  
Mane and Tail: 8,5

Tölt: 8,0
  Clear beat  
Trot: 8,0
  Big movements  
Pace: 7,0
  Big movements   Lack of speed   Unsure  
Gallop: 8,5
  Good extension   High action  
Spirit: 8,0
General impression: 8,0
  Well raised   Small movements  
Walk: 7,5
Slow tölt: 7,5
Canter: 8,0

Héraðssýning á Gaddstaðaflötum

Date of show: 24.05.2004 - Show number : 03 Icelandic assessment
IS-1999.1.56-955 Kjalar frá Skagaströnd, Rider: Vignir Siggeirsson

Measurements (cm):142   133   141   65   146   39   47   44   6,5   31,5   19,5  Measure of hooves:L.fr. 8,6   L.h. 8,0  

Total : 7,99                                         Conformation : 8,15                                      Ridden Abilities: 7,88
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2004 Draumur fra Skagastrond at  1 week
Pedigree      Evaluation Scores   Photoalbum
2004 Myrkvi fra Manasdal at  2 yo
2004 Ísöld fra Efra-Seli   as a Yearling
2007 Filly from Big Bear Ranch, first Canadian born offspring (Picture -  courtesy of A. Egenolff)
2003 Fjallanótt frá Skagaströnd
(pictured at 3 yo)
2003 Dagsbrún frá Skagaströnd
(pictured at 3 yo)
2003 Marías frá Skagaströnd 
(pictured at 3 yo)
*1999 in Iceland,  imported July 2006 by Moondance, SE free
Black Pinto w.star, heterozygous (50% chance) for Pinto and Black
Evaluated in 2004 with 7.99, fivegaited, BLUP 111

No live cover, AI available, frozen Semen only
Basic Breeding Fee:  AI $ 550

Kjalar received his scores as a 5 year old in Iceland.  He has a groundcovering smooth Tolt,  fluid Trot and powerful Pace. He is  tall  with elegant conformation and throws his size and conformation very strongly to his offspring, along with his natural Tolt and  the great temperament.

His parents are both outstanding horses - the 1. prize sire is famous  as one of the most popular breeding stallions in Germany; he is out of the legendary Ofeigur 882 fra Flugumyri.  Hilmir has proven himself already as a young stallion, producing a number of prize horses. The Ofeigur line has produced many horses that have great work ethics and are superior gaedingur. The mother is evaluated 1. prize with a high  percentage of 1. and 2. prize offspring, see here.  Kjalar is intelligent, unafraid and wants to please. He has a high energy level with impressive stamina and willingness.

Sire: Hilmir fra Saudarkroki 1. prize stallion w. 8.41 for talents
Dam: Sunna fra Akranesi    1. prize mare w. 8.52 for talents

Kjalar has been gelded in Oct 2007, because we decided to limit our operation to one stallion on the premises. We think his genetic potential is valuable for the future, thus we decided to collected and frozen Semen. It is stored with JCS Vet Repro Services in Langley, BC and is available for purebred Icelandic Mares.
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We would recommend Kjalar  for most Mares if you want fivegaited, tall horses with brave and willing temperament.  He passes on his incredible temperament, smooth gaits and good work ethics. The possibility for Pinto color is just the icing on the cake!
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KJALAR FRA SKAGASTROND    -[CAN]2107--[ISL]1999156955-   BLUP 111
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