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If you want to breed for  Competition Gaits and Pleasure Horse Temperament, this is the stallion for you!!

Sproti will add refinement, Tolt abilities, super Trot, willingness and good temperament. He is an especially  good choice for low set, heavy fivegaited mares that have weak legs and show a lack of willingness and/or need more athletisicm. His legs and hooves are of excellent quality Sproti's gait distribution could improve stiff mares with a lack of Tolt or Trot or very lateral tendencies. He will pass on his fluid high and wide movements and improve on mares that show low and  short movements or pacey/trotty Tolt. He is proven to be free of known heriditary diseases like Summer Eczema or Bone Spavin (Spavin X-rays are clear for 2004, 2005, 2006; > 10 years Spavin results are not relevant for breeding purposes).

His parents are both outstanding horses - the sire famous both as an honour stallion and a competition horse, out of the legendary Ofeigur 882 fra Flugumyri.  Galsi has proven himself already as a young stallion, producing a large percentage of prize horses. The Ofeigur line has produced many horses that have great work ethics and are superior gaedingur. The dam, a daughter of the stunning Ljori fra Kirkjubae, has been  evaluated 2. prize and with a good show record.  Sproti has also proven himself well as a good show horse, has competed 3 times in Iceland; took  1. in 4gait at two of the shows, and both times got the prize Best Horse.  He is also friendly, and unafraid, while energetic - he is quite willing but listens to what the rider  wants, everybody can ride him.
Born 1997 in Iceland, imported Fall 2004, SE free, Flaxen Chestnut with  blaze, BLUP
13.3 hh, fourgaited w. Flying Pace 


Sire: Galsi  90.1.57-003 fra Sauðárkrókur 
(well known 1. prize  star from two Landsmóts and  Honour stallion  with 9,01 for  riding qualities).
Dam: Eva 90.2.58-035 fra Langhúsum 
(good 2. prize evaluated mare - 7,73 for riding qualities)

Breeding Fee: CAN$ 750.00 plus marecare
Registered purebred mares only
Sproti is 1. prize for conformation and talents. His gaits show both good extension and lift. He always has a crystal clear tolt up to highest speed, big and fast Trot, shows great form in all gaits.  Most of his North American offspring is still young, but his first foal crop has been started.  They all are easy to train 4 and 5 gaiters with beautiful, upright  conformation, natural Tolt and expressive movement.

Sproti placed 45 out of 89 at the  2004 Landsmot Gæðingnakeppni, B-Flokkur. He also was one of the  few chosen offspring to be presented alongside his sire, the new  honour stallion Galsi fra Saudarkroki at the Landsmot 2004.

He has also proven himself as a good Show horse, has competed 3 times in Iceland; took  1. place  in 4 Gait at two of the shows, and both times got the prize Best Horse.
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SPROTI 97.1.58-038 FRA LANGHUSUM [CAN]1861- -[ISL]97158038-  BLUP 107